The Game

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Tr.1.S. – “Treason In Space” at its core is a low-poly, narrative-driven, first-person shooter that takes place in the dark depths of space.  The concept for the game’s release is a lot like a television show – where the name Tr.1.S. is the title and “Treason In Space” is the episode name.  The game is being developed in Unity.

You are playing the game as a nondescript character (name TBD, but should be generic like “Ensign 9693”).


(concept by Pete Paquette, model by Pete Anderson)

You quickly encounter your companion character, the p05.


(concept by Pete Paquette)

Your weapons are equipped with “living reticle,” or “A.S.T.R.O.” (Animated, Symbiotic, Targeting, Organism)


Together, you take on an unknown entity trying to take over your ship.  Here is an early  screenshot of our proposed art style:




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