The Team

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We are a small group of game developers based around Boston, MA. Our skills in art, programming and writing complement one another. We have made many prototypes but now we invite you to enjoy this journal of our game development journey as we take one of our ideas to market.

pete  PETE PAQUETTE (project Co-Creator, Art Director & Lead Game Designer):  Pete is a animation industry veteran of 18 years.  He has been glued to a controller ever since his first video game experience when he was 6 years old with his Nintendo Game & Watch,  “Donkey Kong 2”.  Years later, the crude but charming animation feature in Mario Paint helped him realize that he wanted to be a professional animator.  After a tour in the Marines, Pete went to Ringling School Of Art & Design and immediately began a long and fruitful career in animation for both film and games.  Pete currently works as an independent contractor on “Overwatch”.

jeff  JEFF PAQUETTE (project Co-Creator, Technical Director & Lead Game Designer):  Introduced early to the world of video games by his brother Pete, some of Jeff’s earliest and fondest memories were formed as player two for games like Contra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. Thanks to an influential middle school math teacher who turned his classroom into a computer lab, Jeff took up programming and was soon making small video games. He went on to achieve a BS in Computer Science from UMASS Dartmouth and became the lead developer for Reality Zombies, a first-person survival shooter for the Microsoft Hololens. He now brings his experience and love for programming and game development to the Tr.1.S team.

patrick  PATRICK HICKEY JR. (Writer): Patrick Hickey, Jr., is a former NBC editor and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the Assistant Director of the Journalism program at Kingsborough Community College, in Brooklyn, New York. Over the past decade, his journalistic video game reporting, reviews, features and interviews have been featured in national ad campaigns by Nintendo, Disney and EA Sports. He is also the author of the book, “The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews With Cult and Classic Video Game Developers,” which features interviews with legendary video game creators the likes of David Crane, Warren Spector, Mark Turmell and John Tobias and has been covered by the New York Daily News, Forbes, Huffington Post and the Miami Herald. Hickey is also a voice actor, having starred in Shotgun With Glitters’ Survival/Horror game, “The Padre.”

For Tr.1.S, Hickey will play the role of P05 and will pen the game’s story. A hardcore fan of sci-fi Hickey is hard at work to give the game a unique feel and a story that you’ll remember just as much as its gameplay.

PeteAnderson  PETE ANDERSON  ( Character Artist) Pete Anderson is a Ringling graduate who has made a name for himself in the games industry as a character artist for games like Lord Of The Rings Online, Bioshock Infinite, Sunset Overdrive, and Spiderman.  You can view samples of his work at

ron   RON PUCHERELLI ( Animator & Game Designer)

seth  SETH MANTIE (Consultant)

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